Is worth it?

Amazon’s Mechanical Turkis a bit of a fad I had stumbled across.  What is it you might ask? Quite simple, someone pays you to do tasks such astesting links, testing software, rewriting paragraphs, finding email addresses, and much more. For each task you can make as little as a penny or up to the highest I have seen $30.oo. Some of these tasks can take a few seconds to maybe a few hours.

Some tasks can only be performed if you have been qualified. This may require taking a test or simply requesting the qualification. Some are a little more strict and will have you jump through some other hoops on their cheaper tasks.

Bottom line is wether this is worth your time. The truthful answer is that depends. Are you expecting to make a living doing this? You won’t. I spent maybe a total of 5 hours playing around with this last week and made just under $15.00. That comes to $3.00 an hour. You won’t get rich from it.

However, if you are vegging out watching a TV show and just feel lake wasting some time. And we all do like to check out of our brains every now and then, try it out. Most of these task don’t pay much at all, but you could do a few here in there and make a little change.



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